Tiana Blow Sona Bella in Sleepover Experimentation

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Tiana Blow’s best friend, Sona Bella, pays her a visit during the winter vacation. The girls are catching up and chit-chatting when Sona tells her best friend that she thinks she might be a lesbian! Sona is surprised to learn that Tiana shares these feelings, and the two resolve to explore their sexuality together. The girls are unaware that Victor, Tiana’s stepbrother, is keeping a close eye on them. The mischievous lad breaks into their sleepover and confronts the girls about their interest in lesbian relationships. Victor’s introduction makes Tiana and Sona uneasy at first, but after a seductive game of Truth or Dare, they quickly come to the conclusion that the best way to discover their preferences is to have sex with as many people as you can, including Victor!