Emma Rosie-Webcum Show

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Joshua informs Emma Rosie, his stepsister, that everyone can make money by live-streaming themselves and drawing in viewers who are willing to pay them to perform certain tasks. She agrees since the young, naive girl wants to get an automobile. Their strangely wealthy followers begin to demand more and more erotic content, paying a premium to witness Emma’s slender figure in action. Emma shows them her tight ass and her little, luscious tits, surprised at the amount they are paying.

The audience erupts in applause, demanding that she suck her stepbrother’s cock on video. The fact that neither of them has ever seen the other naked makes them feel uncomfortable and a little scared, but when Emma realizes how much money is at risk, she just throws herself at her stepbrother’s dick and sucks it like a popsicle. Emma and Joshua, who are already well-known among their followers, get their wish granted: anal intercourse!
Joshua pulls out his cock again and pounds his little stepsis’s tight asshole, forcing him to swear to go gradually because the deal is too good to refuse. Her initial time through the door turns into a drilling session as she grows to appreciate it. The step-siblings decide to conclude things on a high note by having Joshua give her young stepsip a taste of his sperm, knowing that their fans will adore it.