Chloe Temple-Promiscuity Belt

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Chloe Temple is eager to go out and celebrate with her pals. The only problem is that Tony, her stepbrother, has given her the order to prevent her from acting in a promiscuous manner. He is aware that his stepsis like having sex and everything that touches her privates. Tony forces her to wear a chastity belt in order to keep her from getting dick. He believes that by doing this, she would finally learn her lesson, but he is unaware that it will simply make her more aroused. Chloe regularly irritates her stepbro now that she knows how to grab his attention. She even admits to him that, despite wearing the belt, she has been attempting to masturbate. Tony punishes her by fondling her as a result, even though he knows she is actually enjoying it. Maybe she can stop using the belt if she lets him fuck her luscious pussy and finish off on her face.