Athena Heart Aria Sloane-Cruel Intentions

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Joshua and Athena Heart share an odd sibling rivalry. They now know that Aria Sloane, their step-cousin, will be paying them a visit. Because Aria has a new boyfriend who Athena likes, Aria makes a little deal with her stepbrother: if he succeeds in seducing her step-cousin, she’ll let him fuck her; if he fails, she’ll receive his car. Athena has always been jealous of Aria. Athena gives Joshua a taste of his stepbro’s cock for the first time, sealing the deal with a brutal blowjob. Joshua easily wins Aria around to his way of thinking, and she lets his step-cousin play with her pussy. She has no idea that Athena is seeing from a distance and recording her fingers being placed on her. Just when she’s ready to cum,  Athena interrupts and tells her that she will have to as she says if she doesn’t want her boyfriend to find out. To Aria’s surprise, what Athena really wants is to play out a fantasy: putting on a cute outfit and fucking Joshua alongside her!