Asia Lee Mads Flores Lindsey Lakes in Hardly Working

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Recently, Asia Lee and Mads Flores started working for their stepbrother, Jay, at a restaurant. With an iron grip, he leads his troops with toughness. However, Mads and Asia are more resilient and adept at manipulating their stepbrother. The females immediately get wild and enjoy making out and getting to know one another. Confused yet intensely aroused, Jay yanks out his penis and jerks it as Mads devours Asia’s pussy in front of him. Jacob and Lindsey Lakes are unaware of the entire situation! Subsequently, the party continues as Mads and Asia suck his cock in the restroom. Jay is aware that the other staff members might discover him, and his standing as a manager would be tarnished, but it’s too awesome an opportunity to give up. When he has Asia and Mads alone again, he promises he can get them off of night duty if they let him fuck them both right then and there. They were going to let him fuck anyways, but this is just a bonus!